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We're Recruiting New Volunteers!



Know a lot about safer partying? Want to learn? Want to educate others and volunteer at parties? Get involved with TRIP!

The TRIP! volunteer training involves a 5-day training course (spread
across 5 consecutive Saturdays, 11am-6pm) and which features
workshops on various topics related to harm reduction, HIV prevention,
and safer partying. These trainings are offered twice a year.

To be eligible for our volunteer program you must:

  • be between the ages of 16-30
  • be a former or current participant in Toronto's dance music scene
  • be able to attend all trainings (all of which occur in downtown Toronto)
  • jive with our harm reduction philosophy
  • have
    a fun and open attitude, a willingness to learn, and be able to
    contribute time and energy to the project on a regular basis

To indicate your interest in being trained, contact TRIP! by calling 416-703-8482x125, emailing!

The Return of Safer Snorting

Safer SnortingWe're proud to announce the return of our much-loved 'Safer Snorting' booklets - complete with personal snorting device!  This booklet was initially released in 2003 and met with huge success and all-round positivity by community members.  The Safer Snorting booklet identifies the health risks associated with sharing straws and rolled-up bills when snorting drug -- with a particular focus on Hepatitis C transmission.  We're all stocked up with 10, 000 of the puppies so next time you're at a party be sure to swing by the TRIP! booth and pick one up!

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