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Cigarettes and Alcohol Cause More Harm than Ecstasy, GHB, LSD and Marijuana

Drug Graph
Expert commission calls for total overhaul of UK drugs legislation

A survey of UK drug experts says alcohol and cigarettes cause more harm than many illegal drugs.
All drugs were marked on the physical harm
they caused to the individual user, their tendency to cause dependence
and their social harm, including their effect on families, communities
and society such as crime and Health costs. Each was given an overall
harm score by two separate groups of experts which yielded roughly
similar results.

A two-year survey of drug use reached the damning conclusion that the
current legislation is "not fit for purpose", failing to recognize that
alcohol and tobacco can cause more harm than "demonized" substances
such as cannabis and ecstasy...


Coke. Guns. Booty. Beats.

Check out this fascinating article about the convergence of underground dance parties and drug gangs in one of Brazil's poorest urban shantytowns. The gangs theselves often bankroll these wildly popular parties and the most powerful drug factions even commission musicians to make hit songs in their honour.   

In the slums of Rio De Janeiro, drug lords armed with submachine guns have
joined forces with djs armed with massive sound systems and rude,
raunchy singles. Welcome to the most exciting—and dangerous—underground
club scene in the world.

By Alex Bellos

Read the full article at: 

HOLY SMOKES! New Cannabis Harm Reduction CD-rom!


Over the next several weeks, we'll be distributing a beautiful, educational, new, FREE CD-rom on Cannabis Harm Reduction, entitled 'Holy Smokes'. These are limited edition discs filled with a wealth of Canna info and music from some of your favourites:

Wassabi Collective

King Sunshine

Subatomic Sound System

Freedom of Expression

Telefunk Soundsystem

The Phat Conductor


Catch up with us at the Global Marijuana March on Saturday May 5th at Queen's Park (12-7pm), or locate the TRIP booth at your next event.

You don't wanna miss this...

Ketamine Kommunity Discussion: THANK YOU!

K eye First and foremost, let me thank all of you who made it out to our Ketamine Kommunity Discussion on April 17th.  We had a fantastic turn out (65+ peepz), and many more people who wrote in or called to say that they were very interested in the information but unfortunately could not attend.  Thank you *all* for your interest in what we feel is an important kommunity issue.

Highlights of the evening included amusing questions like, 'Do you believe that K is a magical drug?', and 'Does K make you smarter?'.

While we weren't able to answer all of the questions you had, we hope that you learned something new, discovered a new resource available to you, or perhaps have a better understanding of how our kommunities are identifying with K.  If you didnt get to ask your question at the forum, please feel free to email us with it. (trip at

Some of you are asking, 'what's next?'.

We're currently putting together a summary of the Ketamine survey that we conducted last year, and we're also posting a PDF of the powerpoint presentation that was given at the discussion.  The latter will be coming *very* soon, as soon as we can find a PPT-PDF converter for OSx (if you know of one that is FREE, please email!). We're also exploring the potential development of more concrete supports for K users; we'll keep you posted. 

If you're interested in getting involved in any future K-related projects or groups (literature development, K support groups, research, etc.), please email us and we'll add your name to a list.

Thanks again for your interest and support -- and stay connected for future K tranzmissionz...

-Erin, TRIP!


Responsible Drug Use - flyer

These are some of the practical tips and topics that we spoke about at the meeting:

  1. Keep informed on your drugs
  2. Problem Indicators: is your drug use interfering with school, work, relationships, etc.
  3. Self-care, before and after use
  4. Some info about nutrition, use of multivitamins to keep healthy
  5. 'try some first, then wait for a bit before choosing whether to do any more'; 'less is more

We can expand and build upon this theme with more tips, thoughts on what it means to take care of yourself and others if using substances.

 [copied from the drug wiki]

Safer Partying Tips

list of safer partying tips (responsible partying) for our new postcard

Intro paragraph on what it means to party 'safer'/more responsibly

- If not a parent, tell someone where you're going and a rough time of when you'll be back home

- Make sure to have some money (that you don't spend at the party) to get you home safe

- Make sure you've got money for your own water and you refill
the bottle often! Sharing water is a good way to pass on germs and

- Go with a friend! meet up somewhere before the party and head in together! you may want to leave with them, too.

- Keep on eye on your friends- it's always a good idea to look out for one another and keep each other safe!

- If you and your friends decide to dose, it may be a good idea
to choose the same drug to be on so you can all be on the same page
(it's also not a bad idea for one of you to stay sober)

- Meeting new people is always fun and easy to do at parties,
but leaving with strangers has its risks. if you decide to go somewhere
with people you just met at a party, ask if you can bring a friend. At
the very least let someone know who you're leaving with and where
you're going.

- Wear cool, comfortable clothes and shoes - getting over-heated and having sore feet sucks!

- Control your drugs (dose, substance, own straw, etc)

- Get your drugs beforehand from a reliable dealer and test them
out so you know how strong they are before taking too much at the

- Find out as much as you can about your drugs before you take
them (ask other people who've done it, try them before, get them tested
if possible, etc.)

- When you get to the venue check out if there's a trip! table so you can pick up some condoms and other good stuff!

- You may want to find where the medics will be hanging out just in case you need them later

- If you hurt yourself or feel sick, doing more drugs will
likely only make the situation worse in the long run. If you think you
might need medical attention (even just a bandaid) visit the medic and
have him check you out- if you're high and having fun, you may not
notice that something is really wrong until it's in much worse
condition (ex. twisted ankle you keep dancing on all night)

- If you get tired, dizzy or start feeling sick, just take a
minute and sit down. Let your friends know where you're going to be so
they can find you if you fall asleep, pass out, K-hole, etc. throughout
the night.

- Bring some kind of snack along with you (granola bar, fruit,
nuts, etc.) in case you or a friend get hungry and aren't allowed out
of the venue without being able to get back in

- Keep track of your things (purse, money, id, clothes, jacket, etc.) and keep them with you if possible

- If you don't feel comfortable giving out your personal
information to strangers you meet at a party (phone#, e-mail address,
etc) you can get a purerave account and use that to keep in touch with
your new friends (not trying to advertise for pr, I just know
personally I'd MUCH rather give rave-strangers that than my phone# or

- bring a sweatshirt or something warm to wear over your rave clothes. Even in the summer, the early mornings can be chilly

- Use your own straw to help avoid Hep C and other nasty things

- Give trip! donations to ensure your safety :P



Documentary about Law Enforcement Against Prohibition Tonight on Global!

Documentary about Law Enforcement Against Prohibition Tonight on Global!

mainbannerDo you believe in the existence of intelligent police officers? If not you may want to check out Damage Done - The Drug Odyssey, a documentary about LEAP, Law Enforcement Against Prohibition. It airs tonight at 7pm on Global TV. Their story is both fascinating and inspiring and shows that you may just have allies in unlikely places. I'll be taping it!

Visit the Website

Watch the Trailer

Ketamine Kommunity Discussion - TUESDAY APRIL 17th, 7-9pm

Curious what came of that Ketamine Survey TRIP! conducted last year?

We're geared up present to you a snapshot of how we, as a community, are
identifying with Ketamine. This community discussion will include an
overview of the survey results, plus information like how Ketamine
works in the body and on the brain, K harm reduction tips, and
community brainstorms about how we can all work better with this
prevalent drug. We're bringing in our very favourite 'Dr. Tim' --
partyer and Medical Doctor extraordinaire -- to help run the show.
You'll have an opportunity to ask him any questions you may have around
Ketamine -- a rare chance for K users!

Who: Partyers, K users, kommunity members (sorry, no media!)

Where: Queen West Community Health Centre, 168 Bathurst Street

When: Tuesday April 17th, 7-9pm

For more info email: trip at 

K forumk forum back

5 Most Ineffective Anti-Drug PSAs of all time

"Ah, drugs: the heady highs, the crippling lows, the preachy anti-drug commercials that exist somewhere in between. Together with Cops, anti-drug ads taught us the valuable lesson that drug addiction, if serious enough, will get you on national TV. And as Fear Factor has proven, the generation of men and women who grew up in the ‘80s will eat a horse’s penis to get on TV, so drug addiction doesn’t sound like such a bad option, now does it? Here are five classic anti-drug ads, our analysis of what they set out to do and the unintended consequences they actually had." -
Watch them here.

Mice on Drugs

Check out this flash animation on how various drugs work in the brain, by selecting lab mice and dunking them in the brain machine! Fun, cute, and informative. Includes drugs such as Ecstasy and LSD. Created by the Genetics Dept. at University of Utah.
See it here.

mice on drugs

Take Our Drug Info Survey!


We're gettin' busy at TRIP!

In the coming months we'll be producing 3 new pieces of harm reduction information for partiers, and we'd like to have your input on which drugs and drug-related issues you would most like to see information about. Please take the 2 MINUTES it takes to fill in our quick and dirty drug info poll, and the top three drugs/drug issues with the most votes will be the subject of our new, upcoming literature for partyers.

The polls are open:Take the survey here!
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