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Youth & Sexual Safety

This is from U.S. info, but it's a bunch of neat graphs on how youth are having sex!

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Some interesting points:

*14-24 year olds are the most likely to use condoms ~40-70% (vs. the ~5-25% of adults age 25-70+ that use condoms).

*14-24 year olds are about as likley to use a condom with relationship partners as casual partners.

*Girls under 15 years old are the most likely to have had more than 4 partners in the last year. (vs. girls & boys <15-19 years old).

*People who use a condom the first time are more likely to use them in the future.

TRIP! Community Zine



The TRIP! Project is looking for submissions from youth ages 16-24 on tobacco and harm reduction for our new community zine. Tobacco is a commonly used substance in our community, with 86% of youth having tried it. Smoking is a party drug as much as alcohol, MDMA and Ketamine! Some people are social smokers on the weekend, where others smoke up to a pack a day or more. Sometimes smoking starts off as recreational and turns into a habit. Often youth end up smoking tobacco without even thinking about the chemicals they’re inhaling! Poppers are becoming an emerging trend, and contraband tobacco means that getting smokes is as easy as walking through the club district.

We welcome submissions on these topics and more! Submissions for the zine can come in a variety of formats, from photographs to art to poems and articles. All autours of published articles receive a $20 honorarium for their submissions. Please keep each submission between 500-750 words for articles. 

Submissions can be emailed to or dropped off at Queen West Community Health Centre 168 Bathurst street between 9am-4pm Mon, Wed, Thurs, Fri, and between 1:30pm-4pm on Tuesdays. If these hours don’t work for you, you can always email us or give us a call at (416) 703-8482 ext. 125! 

Please hand in your submissions by October 25th 2010.

Article Ideas: 

Social Smoking
Anti-oppression + Smoking: Biases towards smokers!
Aboriginal Tobacco / Sacred Tobacco
Substitution Herbs
Drugs + Tobacco
Smoking + Advertising / Media Influences
Secondhand Smoke
Quitting Smoking: Tips & Tricks
Personal Smoking Stories
Different Types of Cigarettes: light vs. regular

<Insert your topic here!>

Ketamine Injection & Community Safety

There have been recent reports of ketamine injection amongst youth in Toronto. This type of drug use has become a common occurrence within various downtown parks especially. It is important to remember that these spaces are public domain and shared with the larger community. If you’re shooting in a park, be aware of those around you and those who will be using the park afterwards. If you go into a k-hole right away you might not have time to properly dispose of your works, and find yourself knocked out before you know what hit you. It’s important to have a trusted friend as a trip sitter if you’re shooting to make sure that this doesn’t happen!


Currently Toronto has no safe injection sites, but if you decide to shoot up it’s important to do it in a safe space where you are aware of your surroundings.  Injecting in a crowded venue poses a risk if you fall into other people, objects, chairs, etc. and you could fall into a k-hole before disposing of your needle.  A safe space means you have time and light to take your shot.  Injecting in a space with good light lets you see your veins or muscles. Decent light will save you time. Sometimes injecting outside or in public spaces means rushing and that can turn into high risk injecting practices that can lead to infections, losing your shot, getting busted, etc. Sometimes we don’t have a safe place to use but there are ways to reduce the harm to you and your community.


Used syringes and gear littering a park not only pose a health hazard but can bring in a lot of scrutiny like cops, neighbourhood watch, media, etc. and risk losing  permits, venues, and licenses. Promoters, planners and people like TRIP! Outreach workers work hard to create safe party environments,  spaces and events for youth to party/hangout. We currently have a real lack of safe and friendly all ages party spaces and events here in Toronto, so let’s keep what we have going by looking out for ourselves and each other.


Improperly disposed of used syringes can poke other people even if you put them in the garbage can and recap them. The caps can come off and poke maintenance workers or somebody just looking for some empties. Use a bio-hazardous waste receptacle. Just because a needle is capped does not mean that you can put it in the trashcan, as the cap can always come off! There are a variety of places in the downtown core where you can pick up portable syringe disposal containers that are discreet, as well as free unused needles and injection supplies. 


TRIP! is located at Queen West Community Health Centre at 168 Bathurst Street, just south of Queen across from the old Big Bop.  The health centre is open daily Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, from 9-4pm, and on Tuesdays from 1:30-4pm.  Come to the front desk to enquire with our friendly staff about our harm reduction services! If you’re too shy to talk to one of our workers, you can even dispose of your used needles in the bathroom in biohazard containers.  If you’re not in the downtown core, check out The Works , a city-wide needle exchange program funded by Toronto Public Health.  The Works cares so much about you not sharing needles that they’ll deliver sterilized injection supplies right to your door if you call them! Using new, injection equipment and not sharing can prevent the spread of Hepatitis C, HIV, and other blood borne infections.


For info on Ketamine click here!


Look after yourself, look after each other, be safe and RESPONSIBLE!




OD Prevention 101


Spotting an overdose in a party situation can be a toughie, taking into consideration the crowded venue, flashing lights or dimly lit spaces. Overdoses can be especially hard to spot if you're drunk or high, or simply aren't sure what to be looking out for. The following information is meant to be a guide in helping you make sensible decisions if an overdose situation occurs. Arming yourself with knowledge is the first step in keeping you and your friends safer while partying and/or using drugs. Who knows, maybe you could save a life!


An overdose is what happens when you take more drugs than your body can handle.


Overdoses can be caused by:


  • Mixing drugs (uppers & uppers, uppers & downers, or downers & downers). When mixing more than one drug synergy occurs which means the two or more substances have a chemical reaction between each other and can have unpredictable effects. Be very careful when dosing yourself if you choose to mix.
  • Taking too much of a drug or drugs at once.
  • Your risk of OD'ing also depends on the potency and purity of all the drugs involved.

CAUTION: There is no way to regulate or control the quality, or purity (and hence potency) of street drugs, so you can never really know what your getting. The impurities found in street drugs are often more harmful than the drug itself and are thought to be the cause of overdose in some instances.

Here's how it works at street level: After the drug has been manufactured (usually by underground chemists), it gets passed through a number of hands (usually the dealers) and undergoes an number of cuts with other substances to stretch the supply meaning filler, additives, and more filler. Sometimes these fillers are other drugs altogether, other times neutral substances, and other times junk that comes from under the kitchen sink (i.e. cleaning agents, pool chemicals etc.). Drug testing kits and safer injection sites in various parts of the worls have been shown to greatly reduce the risk of overdose, HIV transmission, and other drug-related harms amongst users. Unfortunately there are currently no measures in place in Toronto to regulate or control the purity of street level drugs. 

Things to look out for:

Someone who is overdosing on uppers (i.e. extasy, speed, crystal, coke) may look red in the face, be hot to touch, may complain about chest pain, tightness or shortness of breath, and may seizure or suddenly collapse and become uncunsious.

Someone who is overdosing on downers (i.e. GHB or heroin) may look very pale, have blue lips, complain of shortness of breath, vomit or foam at the mouth, be shaking or having a seizure, their eyes may roll back into their head, or they may suddenly collapse and become unconsious.

Often times, people who are overdosing on a few different substances will show both downer and upper overdose signs. It's not always as cut and dry as it may appear in the signs listed above. Be your own judge and listen to your intuition. If someone looks really UNWELL, get them some help. Waiting for the person to 'just get over it' or to 'come around' could often mean the difference between life and death!

If someone is overdosing, act quickly!
You have about 4 minutes from the time their lips turn blue till they lapse into a coma. Get someone nearby who is willing and able to call 911 or get paramedics onsite. Be sure to have them report back to you and confirm that they have called.

  • While someone gets help, keep the person as alert as possible.
  • Check to see if they can open their eyes or speak to you.
  • Squeeze their hand.
  • Talk to them.
  • Check the immediate surroundings for rigs (needles), spoons, vials, baggies etc. This may help you determine what the person has overdosed on, and this info can then be relayed to paramedics when they arrive. 


Never try to "counteract the overdose" by giving the person more drugs. This will only lead to further complications.

If they've passed out...
Check their pulse and breathing
Can you feel their breath on your hand?
Is their chest moving up and down?

Put the person in recovery position so they don't choke on vomit. If they are conscious sit them up, if they are unconcsious try lay them down on their side. The idea is to clear the airway and let the fluid come out of the mouth. If you or anyone around knows CPR or rescue breathing, GET TO IT immediately while help is on the way.

Party “Must Have Checklist”


As most of you are probably well aware it helps to be extra prepared when partying. Sometimes though, this is a task that is hard for even the established ravers/party goers. One always tends to forget at least SOMETHING. This proves even harder for those of you that are new to the scene. Hence, we here at TRIP! are combining our years of partying expertise to try to provide you with the most comprehensive list possible for any and every situation. If you are a party goer make sure to:

  • First and foremost, make sure to know where you are and where you are going. Bring directions, and phone numbers of promoters (or a friend in the loop) to call in case of a last minute venue change.
  • Bring a phone, or enough change for the payphone as well as a list of numbers of both friends that will be there, promoters for any last minute event changes, and emergency contact numbers. All the preparedness with numbers won’t get you anywhere if you can’t call anybody!
  • Bring a friend or make sure you are meeting someone you know and trust at the party!!
  • HAVE A WAY HOME: make SURE to have a solid plan on how to transport back home (be sure to check nighttime bus schedules), have a PLAN B (friend’s house you can crash at just in case who lives closer to the vicinity of the party, cab fare if you live far etc). Last thing you want is to not check the bus schedule, realise there are no night buses on your route home, not have anywhere to crash or cab fare, and end up having to camp out until subways open in the morning!!
  • Have emergency money JUST IN CASE. I know this is not always possible, and often isn’t a priority since you are already spending money on partying but even a bit can go a long way, from pitching on a cab, to coat check, to getting food and water when you are feeling sick (or just HOT).
  • Although we try our best to provide these at parties, it is recommended that you guys think ahead and make sure to have safe harm reduction supplies. While some supplies might be hard to get through the door (i.e., straws depending on the venue) it is a good idea to come prepared with water, condoms/lube, CLEAN snorties, works, ear plugs and gum just in case.
  • Also, be aware ahead of time whether the party you are attending will have Trip! outreach workers/volunteers and/or medics on site. When arriving at the event (especially freeteks and warehouse - type events) scope out the TRIP! booth and/or wandering volunteers (we do not always have a booth for outreach, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t at the party!) and/or medics.  Always good to know where to go in case of emergency.
  • Although this should be the promoter’s job, if you are in an illegal venue make sure to check out the venue for fire exits in case of an emergency! Even if only one entry/exit is being used to reduce heat from the venue, be aware of other entry/exit options in case of emergency.
  • Dress for the weather. Be prepared as our weather in Toronto is very sporadic. Also, if it is winter, and your all hot and sweaty from being inside the venue and dancing too long and come outside MAKE SURE to put on a sweater/jacket even if you don’t feel cold. This goes for anyone, but especially if you’ve been rolling on any stimulants that night as they would have you desensitised to the cold. Even during the summer though, bring a sweater or two, especially for outdoor events. Nighttime gets cold, and even if you don’t get cold through the night you can always be that prepared friendly stranger who can provide a bit of warmth to a fellow party goer.
  • Last but not least, clean up after yourselves. Make sure to help keep our scene clean. If everyone does their part, nobody will have to do extra. If you see garbage lying around, be kind and dispose of it, your help is much appreciated. Bring a positive attitude, keep safe, and most importantly, HAVE FUN!!


Upcoming Fall Events

Can you hear that sound? Leaves rustling in the trees, maples on the verge of turning orange,yellow and red, the earth slowly moving towards another season. There goes time slipping away from us like sand between our fingers. It's nature conspiring against us.

Whether this was the best or worst summer of your life, the longest or shortest vacation you've experienced, there's still time to make it unforgettable! Here's a list of events that have caught our attention so far:


Friday, August 27, 2010

Sunshine Park, 604 River Road West, Wasaga Beach

The Kool-aid dude drinking beer on the flyer is really cute, but that isn't the only reason you should go ! Wasage beach is a beautiful location and why not kick back with friends at the beach in between partying ( but don't go swimming intoxicated! ). The line up includes Ill Scarlet, Scratch from the Roots as well as DJ Barletta. 75$ for the weekend pass more info @


Saturday, August 28th, 2010

Renegade Club, 1266 Queen St West

This party is being thrown a beloved TRIP volunteer and friend of ours, Mike. We love Mike! And we love it when people throw parties it Toronto. Come dress as your favourite Nintendo all-star and dance the night away to choons played by DJ S3RL ( Australia) and KandyKidAssasin (KS, USA). 20$ advance. 25$ at the door


Monday August 30th – September 6th Black Rock City , Nevada

The close we can almost smell it! True that it is quite a while a way, but definitely worth the mission. This years theme is Metropolis and we are expecting some seriously fucking cool things, as usual. Simply explained: The Best Party on The Planet. More info @


September 10th-12th Burk's Falls, Ontario

Harvest FestivalHarvest Festival is an annual two-night autumn festival celebrating the autumn equinox. At the hub is a huge bonfire, there are three sound stages featuring techno, downtempo and psy-trance and a kitchen cooking yummy things all night long. The festival is located on an expansive farm of rolling hills and valleys with some 97 massive sculptures, 4 large ponds, a castle home complete with turrets, and unusual farm animals like white doves, llamas, peacocks and geese wandering freely. And from the sky all the elements of the land link to form the shape of a 2km long dragon. It sounds awesome because it is. Three day pass 75$ More info @

Methland- The Death and Life of An American Small Town

 Yes, another book about drugs. But don't turn away too quick, this one definetely has merit. Written in a persuasive journalistic manner, filled with facts, comparisons as well as anectodal insight, the story Oelwein, Iowa, is one that you will remember. A 6000 resident farming town destroyed by big agri business modernization is a story we've seen on a repeat for the past decade, but the emergence of meth production and addiction in Oelwein are what tie it so closely to globalization and a hurt relationship with the media.

Here are some interesting facts about meth:

-Even into the 1980s, methamphetamine was widely prescribed in the United States. Ads for “Methedrine brand Methamphetamine” appeared in women's magazines in the 1960's as cures for those who “eat or sleep too much”

-Labourers often used methamphetamine in order to work long hours, cure “laziness” and increases one's short them ability to concentrate. For these reasons it has been labelled “the most American drug”.

-In the 1970's pharmaceutical meth was called “browns and clears” when it was prescribed as an anti-depression drug.

-Rural Unite States has higher drug and alcohol abuse rates than urban areas. They have less services and resources to cope with it as well.

-Children who are exposed to meth are likely to have acute ashtma, sleeping problems, anxiety as well as weakened lungs and heart. They can become exposed in the womb or sometimes when their food is cooked in a microwave where meth has been heated.

-It was believed that if the import of ephedrine was strongly regulated than the home lab production of meth would severely increase. However, it was pharmaceutical companies that strongly lobbied against this.

If you want to whole deal, check out the novel by Nick Reding!

Eating Disorders


It is sometimes hard not to be overly critical of our bodies. Constant subliminal pressures from the media through mediums like television, movies and the internet make it hard for one to avoid the clutter of unhealthy messages.  But at what cost are these messages penetrating the mind of millions of women and men alike?

Mental disorders are the leading cause of disability in both the US and Canada and eating disorders are part of the list. Eating disorders can be categorized in three sections:

Bulimia - characterized by recurrent binge eating, followed by compensatory behaviors such as vomiting or laxatives.

Anorexia - characterized by refusal to maintain a healthybody weight, and an obsessive fear of gaining weight due to a distorted self image.

Binge Eating - characterized by of episodes of uncontrollable eating.

Keep in mind that you can suffer from more than one of these and that eating disorders can affect you at any time in your life. However, it is most likely to affect you in your youth and can be accompaniedby other mental disorders such as obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) and depression.

Sometimes having an eating disorder can lead youto using drugs as a means of controlling your weight. Heavy drug use accompanied by bad nutrition can have serious short and long term health effects including fatigue, anemia (lack of iron) and depression just to name afew. As well, there is the possibility that it can lead to addiction in orderto control the desired body weight.

The good news is that there is lots of help available! The first step is wanting to be healthy and gain control of your life again. For more info check out:

Treatment options are available here, as well asthrough a trusted doctor.

TRIP! at the Toronto Freedom Festival

TRIP! Presents: Party Like it's 1995!

TRIP! 15th Anniversary Party


July 16th @ SUBA Nightclub

$10 at the door

Do you remember where YOU were in July 1995?

Come celebrate and remember 15 years of Toronto party culture for the TRIP! Project's fifteenth anniversary! TRIP! is a youth-led project that has been providing harm reduction info and supplies to Toronto party people since 1995. TRIP! will be launching our new subway-themed poster featuring a wide variety of information on safer sex and drug use. This party will be bringing it back to the oldschool sound of the underground massive. So bring out your whistles, vicks, hugs and glowstix for this superpowered raveapalooza!

JEN MAS (Vitus, USA)
TYCO VS SCOOTS (Goodfellaz)
PAUL REVERED (Old School Warehouse Set!!!)

Hosted by Gobz the Zombie aka MC Gobstopper

Free body painting, photobooth, and silkscreening, plus freezies to keep you cool!

TRIP! Booth in full effect!



Be sure to join us for the after party on Saturday featuring a panel discussing 15 years of TRIP! featuring past coordinators, volunteers and active members of the community:

Free Community BBQ

July 17th, 2pm.

Location: Queen West Health Centre

168 Bathurst St, at Queen. (Across from the Big Bop RIP)


RSVP on Facebook!

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