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Methland- The Death and Life of An American Small Town

 Yes, another book about drugs. But don't turn away too quick, this one definetely has merit. Written in a persuasive journalistic manner, filled with facts, comparisons as well as anectodal insight, the story Oelwein, Iowa, is one that you will remember. A 6000 resident farming town destroyed by big agri business modernization is a story we've seen on a repeat for the past decade, but the emergence of meth production and addiction in Oelwein are what tie it so closely to globalization and a hurt relationship with the media.

Here are some interesting facts about meth:

-Even into the 1980s, methamphetamine was widely prescribed in the United States. Ads for “Methedrine brand Methamphetamine” appeared in women's magazines in the 1960's as cures for those who “eat or sleep too much”

-Labourers often used methamphetamine in order to work long hours, cure “laziness” and increases one's short them ability to concentrate. For these reasons it has been labelled “the most American drug”.

-In the 1970's pharmaceutical meth was called “browns and clears” when it was prescribed as an anti-depression drug.

-Rural Unite States has higher drug and alcohol abuse rates than urban areas. They have less services and resources to cope with it as well.

-Children who are exposed to meth are likely to have acute ashtma, sleeping problems, anxiety as well as weakened lungs and heart. They can become exposed in the womb or sometimes when their food is cooked in a microwave where meth has been heated.

-It was believed that if the import of ephedrine was strongly regulated than the home lab production of meth would severely increase. However, it was pharmaceutical companies that strongly lobbied against this.

If you want to whole deal, check out the novel by Nick Reding!

Eating Disorders


It is sometimes hard not to be overly critical of our bodies. Constant subliminal pressures from the media through mediums like television, movies and the internet make it hard for one to avoid the clutter of unhealthy messages.  But at what cost are these messages penetrating the mind of millions of women and men alike?

Mental disorders are the leading cause of disability in both the US and Canada and eating disorders are part of the list. Eating disorders can be categorized in three sections:

Bulimia - characterized by recurrent binge eating, followed by compensatory behaviors such as vomiting or laxatives.

Anorexia - characterized by refusal to maintain a healthybody weight, and an obsessive fear of gaining weight due to a distorted self image.

Binge Eating - characterized by of episodes of uncontrollable eating.

Keep in mind that you can suffer from more than one of these and that eating disorders can affect you at any time in your life. However, it is most likely to affect you in your youth and can be accompaniedby other mental disorders such as obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) and depression.

Sometimes having an eating disorder can lead youto using drugs as a means of controlling your weight. Heavy drug use accompanied by bad nutrition can have serious short and long term health effects including fatigue, anemia (lack of iron) and depression just to name afew. As well, there is the possibility that it can lead to addiction in orderto control the desired body weight.

The good news is that there is lots of help available! The first step is wanting to be healthy and gain control of your life again. For more info check out:

Treatment options are available here, as well asthrough a trusted doctor.

TRIP! at the Toronto Freedom Festival

TRIP! Presents: Party Like it's 1995!

TRIP! 15th Anniversary Party


July 16th @ SUBA Nightclub

$10 at the door

Do you remember where YOU were in July 1995?

Come celebrate and remember 15 years of Toronto party culture for the TRIP! Project's fifteenth anniversary! TRIP! is a youth-led project that has been providing harm reduction info and supplies to Toronto party people since 1995. TRIP! will be launching our new subway-themed poster featuring a wide variety of information on safer sex and drug use. This party will be bringing it back to the oldschool sound of the underground massive. So bring out your whistles, vicks, hugs and glowstix for this superpowered raveapalooza!

JEN MAS (Vitus, USA)
TYCO VS SCOOTS (Goodfellaz)
PAUL REVERED (Old School Warehouse Set!!!)

Hosted by Gobz the Zombie aka MC Gobstopper

Free body painting, photobooth, and silkscreening, plus freezies to keep you cool!

TRIP! Booth in full effect!



Be sure to join us for the after party on Saturday featuring a panel discussing 15 years of TRIP! featuring past coordinators, volunteers and active members of the community:

Free Community BBQ

July 17th, 2pm.

Location: Queen West Health Centre

168 Bathurst St, at Queen. (Across from the Big Bop RIP)


RSVP on Facebook!




That white stuff, that yellow stuff, that pinkish stuff, that brown stuff, that really rocky stuff, that orange thing my friend told me to stay away from, that orange thing my other other friend  told me was amazing. How do you make sense of it all when appearances, when it comes to drugs, more often than not can be quite deceiving? You may or may not have noticed that as of late there has been an increase in the preference of MDMA over ecstasy as a party drug in our scene. There is no one single explanation for this and any one that I would dare offer would be based out of on my own opinion. However, what I can say is that there are frequent shifts in certain drug use often happen and with these shifts come new concerns.

One concern surrounding MDMA, particularly in Toronto, has been with about the effects of what some have described as "brown MDMA" that looks oily and waxy as opposed to crushed up and crystaline or powdery. When purchased, the substance appears to be a small sticky lumps inside of a capsule. This is still MDMA, it however has not been processed as many times as to achieve that fine crushed appearance. This often means that there is less likely a chance of it being cut with other substances, however this may cause the drug to be extremely potent. According to some people, this brown substance hits harder than the "white MDMA" causing people to get too high, too fast and in some cases, unexpectedly. The come up has also been said to cause heavy nausea because of it's intensity which can may result in some needing to vomit or in more extreme cases losing the ability to function properly (i.e., beginning to convulse on the ground). Coupled with being at certain events like outdoor parties where it is hard to find somewhere to be comfortable and potentially harder to seek help, this has worried a number of individuals.

Because of its physical state it also becomes more difficult to ingest in smaller amounts, as  snorting this is not really an option. People often and up taking the whole capsule, which for some can may be way too strong. A method for taking it in doses can be to empty the capsule and mix it in with a bottle of water, or an anti-oxidant such as cranberry juice or a drink with electrolytes such as Poweraid, and then continuously taking swigs throughout the evening. This controls one’s intake of the substance. It may not taste the best but it can may make or break your night. When taking a substance, always start with a low dose to see how your body will react to it before you decide to take more. Never take more than what you would usually take when trying a new batch or drug.

So what can you do if you or a friend find yourselves too high and uncomfortable with where you're at physically and mentally?

The first thing you should try to do is relax. Take a few sips of water (or juice) and find somewhere comfortable to sit. If you're at an outdoor event try to take a look at your surroundings and make  sure that there are no immediate dangers. If so there are, try to move away from them! Try to stick with your friends so that someone is there to take care of you if you need help. If you or your friends begin to experience difficulty breathing or loss of consciousness, seek help immediately. People with high blood pressure or on MAOIs (Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors) are not recommended to use MDMA.


(TRIP neither condemns nor condones the use of drugs)


TRIP! is conducting this survey to inform the work of the Toronto Safer Nightlife Committee, which was created to prevent alcohol-related violence and other harms in the Toronto bar/club scene. TRIP! provides safer sex and safer drug use information and supplies to party people in Toronto's diverse electronic music communities. We want to hear from youth (aged 19 -29) about their views on safety issues in the club/bar scene.  Click the image above to take the survey today!

15 Years of Toronto Party Culture

The TRIP! Project was born in 1995 out of a need for appropriate drug and sex information within the Toronto rave scene. The act of partying often meant using drugs, and for some, being promiscuous. These activities, on their own as well as together, had the potential to put people at risk for drug dependencies, sexually transmitted diseases, HIV and more. That's where TRIP came in. A recruitment process began with a community picnic, organized by Kim Stanford, at the time an HIV Educator working for Toronto Public Health. From there came the volunteers from within the community, who contributed their time, energy and creativity into making TRIP! a unique and innovative drug and sex education project.

Years later the project is still alive and kicking!  Help us celebrate our 15th Anniversary by contributing to a grassroots community photobook documenting Toronto party culture.  This crowd sourced photobook will be a community historical document in order to celebrate 15 years of party culture.  Photos of the TRIP! booth are encouraged, but all photos are welcome.  From old school parties at the Better Living Centre to Om Festival, we want to see your photos of Toronto's party scene throught the ages. Send us your photos in the bottom of your shoe box, your scanned rave fliers, pictures from Connected, Destiny, Hullabaloo, Empire, Liquid Adrenalin, Citrus, New Mind Space, Goodfellaz and much more. We want to represent from the old school to the new school, so any photos are good photos. 

Be sure to include information on who took the photo, where it was and the year to help us make our community time capsule

Send us your photos today by emailing !

Mephedrone? Never heard of it.

MephedroneNo need to feel too out of the loop, mephedrone has only very recently been showing up in our scene and has been commonly referred to as Max Volume in Toronto. Other names for it have included meow meow, stardust, max volume, MCAT, bubbles or just plain plant food.  Mephedrone has been a popular drug in the UK for quite some time now and was rated the fourth 4th more popular club drug, lagging behind coke, ecstasy and cannabis.

 Mephedrone has risen sharply in popularity in the UK because of its low price and availability. The drug was not known to police until approximately three ago, when mephedrone was reportedly linked to the death of two teenagers in several newspapers. It's important to keep in mind that it was later found that these deaths were not directly linked to use of the drug. 


So what is it anyway?


Mephedrone (4-methylmethcathinone) is a stimulant which is closely chemically related to amphetamines. Users have reported that mephedrone produces a similar effect to drugs like amphetamines such as ecstasy and cocaine. Mephedrone is a white, off-white or yellowish powder which is usually snorted, but can also be ingested orally. This means that mephedrone may also be showing up in pressed pills as well as in packed capsules.


Mephedrone can also be used as plant fertilizer and was up until recently widely legally sold online under that purpose. Many websites that used to sell it such as and are now closed due to upcoming changes in the law which is making mephedrone nearly impossible today to purchase online. Follow MephedroneMan on Twitter for current updates on the the issues surrounding mephedrone.



 What exactly does it do?


Because mephedrone is still an emerging substance, there isn't a whole load of literature and research that has been done on it up to date. Even less so on its long term effects. There are, however, a significant amount of user reports. If you have used mephedrone and would like to share your experiences, you can send them here. Other interesting anecdotal information by users can be found here

The onset is generally from 10-20 minutes after consumption and has a duration of 2 to 3 hours, depending on the quality of the drug as well as the user.  The comedown is said to last an hour but some users have reported not be able to sleep for some time as well as an uncomfortable heart rate hours after consuming the drug.



Similarly to other stimulants, mephedrone has an impact on the heart and some users report heart palpitations and irregular or racing heartbeat which may last for quite some time after taking the drug. Other reported effects have been blurred vision, hot flashes, muscle tension as well as nausea and vomiting. As well as suppressing appetite, some people have reported that their fingers turned blue after taking the drug which may potentially be linked to bad blood circulation. If this happening to you or a friend, discontinue use and seek help immediately. 

Those who run the greatest risk of potential harm due to the bad blood circulation are those with high blood pressure. As well, using during pregnancy may harm the fetus by restricting blood flow thus resulting in low birth weight and poor development. 



 What should I watch out for?


Like any other drug, you should be careful with what other substances you mix mephedrone with. Another concern is that people have reported compulsively (meaning over and over and over again) taking the drug during a session. Some users have reported only intending to do a bit of mephedrone but unwillingly finishing their entire supply. This can lead to insomnia and heavy use in the long run can lead to psychological dependency, just like any amphetamine! It is recommended that your space out your highs and start off with a low dose.



Legal things you should know:


Mephedrone's legality in Canada is a murky area at the moment and much of the information available about its legal status contradicts itself. To be safe, you should treat mephedrone as an illegal substance when it comes to possession. 


Remember- new drugs always have a lot of hype around them. Before you make any decisions, be sure you know your sources!

Levamisole Cocaine Warning!

 A Dangerous Substance (Levamisole) is showing up with increasing
frequency in cocaine powder and crack cocaine! Levamisole is used to
treat worm infections in animals and it can severely reduce your number
of white blood cells.

There is no way of telling if your coke or crack is bad, it will
smell, taste and look the same!

If you use coke watch out for:

  High fever or chills

• Skin abscesses, unexplainable
bruising particularly on hands, feet or ears

• Painful anal or oral sores

• Lung infection that appears to be
developing more rapidly than usual

Seek Medical Attention Immediately!



Levamicoke. Anything but the real thing.

For more info:

Erowid Cocaine Vaults : Cocaine Adulterated with Levamisole on the Rise

Want to start your own project?

Boyz n HIV

Throughout the year we keep on getting messages from people across Canada telling us that they wish they had the TRIP! Project in their community.  While we usually send out small care packages to communities outside of Toronto, there are a few TRIP! resources which are available for free across Canada, including shipping!  The CATIE (Canadian AIDS Treatment Information Exchange) Ordering Centre is a national resource for free HIV/AIDS and Hep C resources. CATIE will ship you any information you want right to your door step or community centre! It's now easier than ever to start your own harm reduction project, as it doesn't matter if you're a grassroots youth collective in Nunavut or an established social services agency-- it's all free!

For a few years CATIE has been including our Safer Snorting resource both in French and English .  This month they've added two TRIP! resources to their roster, including both our Boyz on Boyz and Grrlz on Grrlz Sexual Health Postcards! We are so incredibly excited to be contributing to this national database and we hope that our materials will reach out across the country empowering youth to make health desicions about how they party.  On our new postcards we've included room for you to personalize the resource and put in your own contact information.  We are so pleased to be collaborating with CATIE again, and we hope to have more of our resources available in the future.

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